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Each year VF AzerCredit organizes a staff retreat for all staff members. Such events are source of great unity and inspiration for employees that represent different regional offices of the organization and help to learn from each other and develop deeper understanding between different departments and regional offices. Moreover, through working and having fun at the same time, employees from all outlets and departments can better know each other.

Organized this year in Gabala, a famous mountainous resort region in the north-west of Azerbaijan, the staff retreat was a real mixture of 4 days` work, fun, and recreation.

This year`s staff retreat brought together more than 300 people from all branches and sub-branches of VF AzerCredit. Staff members, who are not in regular contact with their colleagues from other regions, had lots of expectation. New friendships, interesting discussions and joyful games were the most inspiring part of the retreat. The aim to promote organizational values, enhance communication, arrange recreation of staff and exchange of experiences was well achieved.


Team-building-related activities are the most important task of any annual staff retreat — aiming to strengthen team spirit and underline corporate values via sophisticated group activities and by integrating new staff members, re-energizing old employees and sharing the best practices and behavioral expectations. The retreat also provided an excellent opportunity for the staff members to display their various talents and abilities through group works, role play games, and presentations.

The organized outdoor competitions were comprised of the games demonstrating various skills of participants. 8 playing teams, each representing 1 branch, were organized. Thus, the outdoor games endeavored to immerse the new staff and reinforce long-time employees’ commitment to team work, among others.

­However, the key contest was focused on organizing exhibitions and scenes on the topic of "Protection and Defense of Children" within 3 days. All teams created something special not just to be the winner but also to communicate their important message in this regard ("children are the most affected victims of wars", "all children need parents’ care and they should not be abandoned on any pretext", "along with sufficient nutrition children need affordable opportunities for playing and learning activities", "children should attend all of their classes at school and should not be engaged in work being deprived of education which is vital for their future", etc.) . All contest participants received loud applauses and words of admiration from the audience and the winners special prizes.


Another most exciting moment of the annual retreat for the staff was the nomination session, during which both contest winners and senior staff were congratulated and the best employees and branches/sub-branches were publicly announced and prized.

The nomination ceremony started with awarding contest winners and was followed with recognition of the service of the veteran employees by presenting various valuable gifts to those who have worked for the organization for more than 5, 10 and 15 years, respectively.

Then the traditional annual nomination process for building positive feelings of appreciation and recognizing accomplishments of those staff members that had contributed heavily during the year 2011 took place. Such awarding inspires the winners for more endeavors and also motivates other staff members to be among the best for their performance results.

This year 21 awards were presented:

  • Mingachevir Branch received the award of the "Branch of the Year",
  • Saatli Sub-branch received the award of the "Sub-branch of the Year",
  • Rashad Abdullayev from the IT/MIS Department was awarded as the "Employee of the Year",
  • Dayanat Salimov from the Finance Department took the award of the "Innovator of the Year",
  • Tartar Sub-branch and Elshan Shukurov from Imishli Branch were awarded as the "Best Service Providers",
  • "Most Valuable Contributor to Environmental Protection" was chosen Ahmad Hasanov from Garadagh, etc.

The three loan officers who were awarded as the best loan officers received a 7-day-vacation package to Antalya, Turkey as a present. This was another surprise of this year’s staff retreat and instigated more robust competition for obtaining next year’s best awards. Thus, the staff are looking forward to experiencing another fruitful year to be followed by another enriching staff retreat.

July 2012

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