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Our life conditions have considerably changed thanks to the VisionFund AzerCredit financial assistance. I wish I would become your borrower much earlier.

Gizgayit Safarova, III Cycle, Female Borrower from Saatli District.

Within its social mission, VF AzerCredit initiates and carries out, from time to time, various social activities. Such activities take place as pre-organized and purposeful activities or as a need for such activities arises. In both cases they are aimed at deepening civic culture, fostering healthier community life, enhancing awareness, or simply seeking to improve human welfare and reduce human suffering on an individual level.


Gizgayit Safarova, who is 34 now, was born in Saatli rayon, - a rural district which is situated about 3 hour-drive distance from the capital city Baku. She was born and has been living in Molday village, which, due to Saatli city expansion, has recently been merged with and became a part of Saatli city. Despite being considered an urban area officially, the settlement still looks very urban and the same live-style of its inhabitants, who are mostly making their living via agricultural activities (animal husbandry and plan growing), continues.

Gizgayit is married, but her husband is a disabled (a born invalid with no hands) and they have 2 adopted children (her deceased sister`s daughters).

"I work as a cleaner in a village school, but my salary and monthly invalidity allowance from the government that my husband gets, are not enough to have more or less decent life. I had wished we could have done something to improve our livelihood, but, for example, even to start keeping animals, you need a start-up capital whereas we did not have even a proper barn for that".

The family lived in a shack with even no toilet, let alone a bathroom. Among home appliances, only old style TV and a refrigerator was available.


The objective of MFIs is to make financial services more easily reachable for poor segment of population; those who have no easy access to conventional banking system.

As many MFIs, VF AzerCredit also strives to empower women and strengthen their capacity and economic position via provision of financial services directly to female borrowers, since they are generally responsible for child-rearing and, sometimes, have fewer economic opportunities.

But, at the same time, even if many MFIs, including VF AzerCredit, have a gender preference policy, repayment capacity of a potential client, be it a woman or man, is taken into consideration seriously as well.

Thus, though most banks and MFIs would not risk lending to Gizgayit or her husband, she was able to get a small, but her first-in-life loan from Saatli Sub-branch of VF AzerCredit.

The first loan was rather small, - just 500 USD, and Gizgayit proved to be a good client, and, despite being poor, demonstrated a good repayment history.

Having accomplished her first loan, Gizgayit applied for a higher loan and the next, 400 USD loan was invested in animal husbandry again.

The family had a cow and a calf and decided to enhance their business, buying another cow with a calf and some forage for animals.

The family worked hard and just 2 small loans have already made tangible changes in their life in terms of living conditions.

The profit (the cows were sold, while the calves were kept) has allowed Gizgayit to build a barn for animals and a fence, and, thus, to improve both the living and working conditions.

Now the family are using their 3rd loan in the amount of 1,000 USD for building a toilet and a bathroom in their yard.

Old Fence (and calves) New Fence
New Bathroom Utility New Barn/Cattleshed for Animals


Thus, thanks to the 3 loans, received recently from VF AzerCredit, Gizgayit Safarova has been able to start cattle breeding business along with working as a cleaner in a local school.

However, though her business was getting better and better, the family was still living in a shack with zero conveniences. The family had therefore applied to the Ministry of Emergency Cases, asking for assistance to improve their household conditions.

Because their hut was in very dangerous condition, the Ministry issued an order to allocate necessary means to build a new house for them. Though, it took more than a year, at last the government has built a decent looking 3-room house for the Safarovs.

The family was more than glad when seeing how a new, solid 3-room building was rising in their yard gradually.


When some more time passed and the house was completely ready, Gizgayit, and her family started preparations for moving. But, it become obvious that family was not able to furnish rooms properly (or, speaking honestly, was not at all).

Imishli Branch`s management applied to the organization`s management to assist this family, particularly the children and got approval for the allocation of necessary amount to furnish the kids` room and buy some other things for the entire family.

As a result, the following items were purchased and granted to the family: 2 beds, 1 wardrobe, 2 bookcases, 2 tables (with 12 chairs), cooking oven, 2 chandeliers, 2 carpets, bed furnishings (blankets, cushions, etc).

Hopefully, all these will help the family, particularly will benefit the children, who will be able to sleep in comfortable beds, do their homework at a desk (not on their knees) and dine sitting at a normal table and on proper chairs (not on half-broken or plastic ones as they used to do before).

The Branch staff has an intention to continue this good "tradition" and agreed to provide financial assistance to the family for installing a gas line.

Before After

Gizgayit Safarova is very grateful for both loans and donations. She has a strong intention to apply for a higher loan as soon as she finishes the third one. She says:
"After we took a loan, we became able to conduct some activities and got profit to spend for our family. Our life conditions have been changing thanks to VisionFund AzerCredit financial assistance. I wish I would become your borrower earlier."

January 2012

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